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The way to Master the Intraday  Trading


Why CPR Mastery?


Section 1: CPR Basics to Mastery (6 Videos)


What's included ?


Section 1: CPR Basics to Mastery (6 Videos)

  1. Identifying Volatility : (56:00 MIns)
    In the First session we will be transferring our EDGE of when the market is expected to be trending and when you should wait on the sidelines.

  2. CPR as Trend Tool : (52:00 Mins) 
    Identify one side  of the trend and when it bends. Only identify the trend can get you to Ride it.

  3. Virgin CPR : (56:00 Mins)
    A lot of hoaxes already floating around on the internet regarding virgin CPR. Here we will tell you exact time to trade the Virgin CPR Setup and when not to trade.

  4. TM Bounce Setup : (49:00 Mins)
    In this setup we have given 5 points checklist to trade the setup if all the criteria matched take the trade else its not TM bounce.

  5. Breakout Setup : (52:00 Mins)
    Every consolidation is followed by a breakout. Hence you will get to know, which breakout can offer the best possible RR Trade.

  6. CPR Based Watchlist : (27:00 Mins)
    Selecting which stock to trade for Intraday is the most important factor. In this video we have build the rules to select the TM CPR stocks that can trend tomorrow.

Section 2: Three Months of  Live Trading + Application of the Setups

  1. In this Section you learn how we trade the the given setups.

  2. You will learn what action to take after huge gap up and down.

  3. You will experience the real market execution on the given setup by Real Traders.

  4. You will learn how to manage the trade without emotions.

  5. You will learn and experience the art of profit booking in the real market.

  6. You will learn how to trail the stoploss when market giving the move in your direction call.

  7. You will learn the art to add up on the winning position to juice the Trend to the fullest.

  8. Learn to execute the setup again after the stoploss hit.

Section 3: Two MasterMind Sessions for Mindset Building

  1. How to Deal with Drawdown: ( 2 Hours Session)
    The masterclass that every trader needs DEAL WITH YOUR DRAWDOWNS LIKE A PRO :
    > Find your Core Reasons of Drawdown.
    > How to bounce back from your negative results.
    > Create a Robust Mindset.


  2. The First Step to Success: (2 Hours Session)
    After knowing so much already about Technicals, Mindset & Risk management. Still, we are not able match our Goals that we set in Trading. Why?
    Because, we set ourselves for failure by setting up wrong goals!
    Here, We work together so that you can Design your own Trading goals which are according to your personality and which Set you up from Trading Success & Financial Freedom!


  3. Find Your Trading Personality (2 Hour Session)
    Do you with what type of Trading Style you were Born for was it Scalper, Intraday Trader, Swing Trader, Positional, Investor, Systemized or a Discretionary Trader. The most important mastermind session yet. A Person Trading in stock market doesn’t  really knows himself until he gets in touch with his/her Trading personality. Knowing what kind of Trading Style like whether is he a Scalper, Intraday Trader, Swing Trader, Positional, Investor, Systemized or a Discretionary Trader. Without knowing all this a Trader cannot ever be a able to Scale up or be comfortable with his Trading Style.

  4. The Investment Alpha by Tradingmonks
    With Inflation at 6%, Bank Saving account giving you 4% Interest Rates and Bank FDs not giving you more than 5.5%. At the end of every year you are left with negative rate of return that means that the money which you keep in these instruments is depreciating Day by Day. Here, by the getting the Investment Alpha Tradingmonks not only means the Inflation in their Investment account but they also they generate more return than the Benchmark Index just by Picking Best Stock & the sector as the Good value price. Learn how does this work in this complete session.

  5. All About You
    When you are in the journey of growth you are always at some stage where you are Learning a lot of things and simultaneously facing the challenges of that stage. In this complete session, We go in depth of the our Trading Journey of our Students and where they are currently struggling with their Trading Techniques. With this we also give them a custom made solution so that they can go on forward with their growth Journey

Section 4: Assignment's 

  1. Trading Confluence Assignments

  2. Find the Setup

  3. Journaling 1st Month Trades

  4. Find the setup you are comfortable to trade


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